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AGV 10% Lithium-titanate Battery Lithium-ion Battery Pack Has Less Than Occupies A Significant

Although the lithium-ion battery pack in a lot of areas are gradually replaced traditional batteries such as lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, AGV (automated guided vehicle) industry, lithium-ion battery pack applications are still at a very low level.

Institute of engineers lithium battery industry (GBII) statistics show that at present, the robot on the market (AGV) power modules, battery, using a nickel-cadmium batteries and lead acid batteries, which accounted for about 84% and lithium-ion battery pack is only 9% per cent of. Lithium batteries of high prices and blocked in foreign markets, and is considered to be an important reason for lithium-ion battery pack in the AGV market disruption.

For lithium battery future years in AGV market Shang of prospects, Beijing days Kang is can new energy technology limited sales department manager Chen Lin think, although lithium battery price in gradually declined, lithium battery overall of price also in gradually approximation nickel CD battery and lead acid battery, but short-term within on market overall does not caused too big effects, years within lithium battery in AGV market Shang of growth will more slow.

It is worth mentioning that, by virtue of its unique properties, in areas such as electric buses blocked implementation of the lithium-titanate battery pack, but found its place in the AGV lithium-ion battery market.

High requirements for automation, process of automobile manufacturing (mainly parts manufacturing) industries in the AGV plays a great application. While these industries the AGV uses time, tend to have exacting demands. Chen Lin lithium told senior reporters: "many factories often require AGV uninterrupted work, typically, factories hope AGV breaks you can put to work again in a few minutes, while lithium titanate with advantages such as faster charging and longer cycle life, so application of AGV won a large lithium-ion battery pack. ”