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Lithium-ion Battery Pack In Electric Bicycles This Year Will Exceed 10% Per Cent Of

At a recent Conference for the fourth China new energy industry gathered intelligence Summit, Gao Yanmin, Deputy Director of the consumer division is the Ministry disclosed that in recent years, the lithium-ion battery pack in electric bicycles accounts for more than gradually increase.

He said that in 2011, the lithium-ion battery pack in electric bicycles accounted for 2% in 2013, exceeding 7% per cent of expected this year will account for above 10%.

Lithium-ion battery pack as Dolly's motivation, advantages of vehicle weight and long battery life. But most currently on the market are a conventional lead-acid battery electric cars, mainly because the lithium-ion battery electric cars cost more.

Lithium battery bicycle production in China is concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Tianjin, four plates. According to the Institute of engineers lithium (GBII) investigation, battery percentage of bicycle production in Tianjin reached 35%, the largest proportion, followed by Jiangsu accounted for 24%, 17%, Zhejiang, Guangdong, 10%. Four regions together occupy a share of 86%.

Currently China lithium bike market sales are in high-speed growth period, GBII forecast, benefit policy good and cost declined, is expected to future 3 years lithium bike will keep 40% annual growth, to 2017 will reached 12 million car, lithium tram penetration rate reached 30% company its has puxun, and Pu Xun, and PXE three big well-known lithium brand, to medical instrument lithium battery, and industrial mobile lighting lithium battery, and military hand tube lithium battery, and electric cycling lithium battery, and electric tool lithium battery, and Laptop lithium-ion batteries, industrial testing instruments, various types of lithium batteries and lithium batteries lithium battery products, products are exported to Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia markets.