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Market Survey On The Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers

Lithium-ion polymer battery with good safety performance, lighter and thinner, the advantages of large capacity, widely used in mobile phones, laptop computers, Tablet PC, electric vehicles and other fields. Polymer lithium-ion battery production compound growth rate for the past 6 years 17.4%, and production growth on an expanding trend, polymer lithium-ion battery production growth in 2009 as-2.9%, 2012 growing at 44%, on polymer lithium-ion battery manufacturer expansion clearly. Aluminum-plastic composite membrane is a polymer lithium-ion battery is the most critical technical material on top level. Senior battery investigation in 2013, lithium-ion batteries aluminum-plastic films market size of 1.5 billion yuan, an increase of 30%, the global aluminum market about 253 billion yuan. Current global lithium-ion battery aluminium composite film production areas are mainly concentrated in Japan, and Korea, aluminum-plastic film imports, Japan both DNP and Showa market share exceeds 90%. Zijiang Enterprise aluminum plastic film is currently in small batches delivery phase, is expected to achieve in the future a large volume, is expected to become a new bright spot of aluminum-plastic film and performance growth.