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"Thirteen-Five" Localization Of Development Potential Of Four Material Diaphragm Fully Powered Batteries

Lithium-ion power battery is currently new energy vehicle main battery, lithium ion battery materials is a critical factor influencing the performance of car batteries. Lithium-ion battery materials include cathode, anode, separator and electrolyte. Sadie consultant investment career Department General Manager Wu Hui in accept China battery network-China battery network magazine interview Shi pointed out that, power battery is effects new energy car car cost of main factors, its cost has by 2012 of 3.5 Yuan/WH around Xia down 2014 of 2.5 Yuan/WH, electric core of price basic maintained in 2 Yuan/WH around, more has part enterprise can will its battery package of price keep in 2 Yuan following, in full life cycle within power battery cost can completely can and lead acid battery anti-. The "Thirteen-Five" period will be key to power battery prices fall further. First of all, four still have some fall and, secondly, cell companies effective capacity utilization in the "Thirteen-Five" period reaches full capacity, further reduced depreciation and amortization; and, finally, will be able to effectively reduce the cost of technology continues to progress. "Thirteen-Five", new energy car battery cost is expected to drop to 1.5/WH or less, so as to effectively reduce the cost of new-energy cars.

In cathode material field, currently has bulk application Yu lithium ion battery of main has cobalt acid lithium, and nickel acid lithium, and MN acid lithium, and cobalt nickel MN acid lithium ternary material and phosphate iron lithium,, "Thirteen-Five" during, whole lithium ion power battery cathode material will along high voltage, and high security and low cost of direction development, phosphate iron lithium, and MN acid lithium, and phosphate iron MN lithium, and NCM ternary material, and NCA ternary material, and nickel MN acid lithium, cathode material will in "Thirteen-Five" during further development mature, its security and cost will further perfect. In terms of shipments, is expected to "Thirteen-Five" at the end, shipments will exceed 200,000 tons of cathode materials in China, Shanshan shares ruixiang, Peking, in advance, when they do get technology in Hunan, Xiamen tungsten company leading position will be more secure.

At the cathode materials, current batch application of anode materials including carbon negative electrode material lithium titanate anode material for negative electrode materials and alloys. Carbon anode materials include graphite, natural graphite, mesocarbon microbeads, and Graphene. Alloy anode materials including silicon and Tin and so on. "Thirteen-Five" during, such as graphite Ene, and SIC, new cathode material will gradually mature, and has fast filling fast put of titanium acid lithium cathode material of application will more widely, is expected to to "Thirteen-Five" late, China cathode material of shipments volume will over 150,000 tons, became global maximum of cathode material manufacturing country, to beiterui, and Cedar Cedar shares, and Star City graphite, for representative of enterprise will became global has strong competitiveness of cathode material production enterprise.